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Jump Compilation!

For this assignment, creating a compilation, I decided to take random clips from youtube of people jumping. I took all from tv shows (Friends, Doctor Who, Lost) except one of a couple jumping on a trampoline. I made the compilation escalate from jumping on land, to jumping into water, then all the way to jumping off/out of buildings! I think the Michael Jackson song “enjoy yourself” adds a comedic aspect as jumping off buildings is the opposite of enjoyment. I also timed the song to say “oo” when a person jumped out of a window.

3 thoughts on “Jump Compilation!

  1. Well, I did “enjoy” watching this video! I absolutely love the moment when the guy (I think its one of the Doctors) jumps out the window and the song says “oo”. It looks like it’s a serious scene, but the music makes it funny! I’m so glad that you timed it that way!

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