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Shadow Leopard

I’m awoken at 6pm every day, my instincts wake me. It is time for me to prowl my city, Electric City… it seems so elegant in the dark… I pass my tools from my archaeologist days, I no longer need them, I have the artifacts’ knowledge ingrained in my memory. I am outside, I feel the hot sparky smell of this modernized dump that has forgotten the importance of the land. However, I bend to the will of the Gods and I protect this place from the psychologists-gone-wrong, or how the TV refers to them: the Psyco-Manipulative Clown Gang (PMCG). PMCG is a group of clinical psychologist used-to-be’s, they used their gift of knowledge to prescribe drugs to people in need, but then they succame to the power in controlling patients minds. Now they’ve run this city into a panic of mind-control. What makes it worse is two of the Clowns had a disagreement and so the group split, creating two subsections. They dress in drag and clown makeup to trigger those who fear clowns (apparently the whole city). The only reason I have gotten so much intel while managing to evaded them was because of the Cat God’s anger, the powers I was cursed with. I can move within shadows, I can control and manipulate their shape allowing me to use them as transportation.

Back to reality: I’m running and jumping across the skyline, I’ve finally figured out a way to end the Clowns. I’ve had a few run-ins with them, on accident, while I was still learning to grasp the powers I have inherited they saw me transform into a beast. I go to the dock as quite as cat. My paws take me down the board walk until I reach the old amusement park. I slink into the shadows. I know the two groups are meeting to discuss the conjoint overthrowing of the city’s government, which wouldn’t be hard except for the fact that the mayor has “some mutation” that prevents the Clowns’ drugs from working on her–they are not the only ones that understand chemicals. The Clowns are in costume. When I am about 10 feet away one freezes, she warns everyone to stay quite… for they are being hunted. They, fearfully, move back towards the ferris wheel raising their guns. Foolish creatures they are, thinking weapons can stop a cursed soul. I release my claws and let the light expose me. One clown screams, another recognizes me and points yelling that I was the one who stole a batch of drugs. They are right, I took them and created an antidote, I sent them to the mayor. While they are gawking I move my shadows around the back and press a button. The ferris wheel legs blow and the fragile structure falls, trapping all beneath it. One survives to see me fade away, whispering to himself “the leopard, the leopard can control the dark, the shadows–let the world know the Shadow Leopard is a killer…”

I am back in a flat at the top of the city in milliseconds. I leave a note for the mayor, telling her the citizens can go back to living their obnoxiously bright lives again, signed, the Shadow Leopard, I think its a good name. I go back to my apartment, ten minutes later I hear the sirens across the city. I have ended my time in this horrid place, now I can fight my own battles. I turn towards the window with only a backpack. Feelings of betrayal are guiding me as I break through the glass, turning into the skyscraper’s shadow, ‘I am coming for you, I am coming for you Rama…’ I think as I fall.

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