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Fairy Tales begin with more than Once Upon a Time…

Discussion Ideas

  1. I really enjoy childhood books, like the Rainbow Goblins, that have a sort of eerie/evil twist to them (the Goblins are killed at the end by the flowers drowning them in color). Maybe we could discuss the most strange books out there that are under the genre of “children’s fairy tales/legends”?
  2. We could discuss myths from ancient times (like Greek or Roman) compared to more modern ones and see if there is change inĀ gendered stereotypes, how stories are told, what visual descriptors are used, and contextual differences

1 thought on “Discussion Ideas

  1. I think discussing strange children’s books with that genre would be cool and interesting. The children’s book that I usually read are typically happy so I would be interested in reading one similar to Rainbow Goblins.

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