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Photo Reflection

When I was in the early years of high school my dear job was to be a photographer. Both my parents loved it and had gotten me a camera for my seventh birthday! I enjoyed landscape photography but I also loved taking candid phots of others while they were laughing and having a good time. I participated in a photography contest for two year (my freshman and sophomore years of hs), and I won second & honorable mention. I was in a photography class and club.

Nowadays I tend to take photos of the people I see everyday, I love taking photos specifically for the purpose of remembering events I have with the people I care about. I also travel a lot, but my desire to take landscape photos has dwindled. I now try to live more “in-the-moment” and don’t worry as much about  “how my photo looks or what it expresses”. I take photos for myself and when I choose to share them they are to share a part of my life, not to visually please others. I don’t particularly want to improve my photo skills, but I think what I can learn is to better capture the situations I’m in when taking them.

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