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Radio Show Critique

The Myths, Legends, & Character Conversation radio show was very intriguing. A lot of the characters were new to me. The first three characters Gallapher, Maria Segreti, and La Señora Luz all had background music which I had given no thought to. It was really inspiring to hear how much more dramatic their segments were, especially when contrasted to the forth segment which had no background music.

I could not follow the first two segments however, as both voice overs were too quite for me to focus on the content and not the changing textures of sound, same with the first commercial. I will go ahead and say the La Señora Luz was my favorite (I am biased as it was a Spanish character and I love the language!), but also she was the first to acknowledge the listeners (in film I believe that is called reading the fourth wall).

The transition from Nora Bendenova & the bumper was too sharp/drastic. I had to turn the volume up to here the voice over then when the bumper started it almost blasted my ears out!  Still, it was a good bumper.

Kate, the animal healer (rescuer?) had a wonderful beginning! It was refreshing to have the story start with the hero’s absence, then leading into how the story plays out, it was really good!

The Fiery Dragon just seemed to be a descriptive biography of the character, saying what her powers are and why she carries a backpack around with a fire extinguisher. It was an interesting set up but I wish more and been done with the character.

Ella gave me the impression of a crossover between “Mary and the Witch’s Flower” and “Brave“. Two movies that deal with a magic school, disagreement with the mother figure & going directly against their desires even though they know better, and a Scottish accent.

Overall it was an exciting experience!

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