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Radio Show Progress 1

Explain what progress/decisions the group had made, what individual work you’ve been doing, what tools/tech you’re using, what’s going well, what’s not working, etc.

We have come together to agree on the subject matter of our radio show, a newscast site that features all the stories of multiple universes. We each are doing one segment and the Zae is smooshing them all together. I have used Microsoft Word to develop the design/logo for the show,



I created a commercial for the piece and I recorded my segment of the show! Other than not all of us being able to talk at once (we all have different schedules) it seems to be going well. The beginning of the week was confusing because we didn’t really know who we needed to be talking to but it’s all sorted out now!

Here is my segment, a news reporter is talking about all the spotting of Shadow Leaopard there have been recently and the connections between the Cat Statue and a person named Rama:

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