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My Character

I really liked the character details I was given by the super hero generator, so I’ve decided to make that my character! I’m a huge fan of the cat family (my favorite animal is a lion) so when it told me I was a leopard I was ecstatic! Also when I visited Kenya I got to see a sanctuary where a woman raised an abandoned leopard, so I felt like it was meant to be. I will be incorporating the story with Kenya as I have actually been there and know a bit about it, but most of the stories where it is mentioned are made up (like the “Kenyan’s Cat God”) for the purpose of my story. I have sort of branched off from the story that the generator gave, though, and the name is different too, they called it “Leopard Shadow” but I prefer “Shadow Leopard”. Here is her introduction:

Panting, Aitana Rorcshen breaks into a clearing with a machete…

I have finally reach my life-long dream! I am entering the cavern said to have been dedicated to the Kenyan Feline Gods, it was made to help appease the lions, leopards, cheetahs, etc. that live on the land that the Kenyans inhabit. I hear my partner’s rustling beside me, she trips and stumbles into the clearing falling on her hands and knees. “Rama,” I say, “Look! Isn’t it the spectacle of the century!” I walk towards the huge rock-faced sculpture of a leopard, taking in its enormity. “Ya,” responded Rama, “but what’s inside is even better.” I roll my eyes as we walk under the giant cat guardian, into the darkness. There rest of the story I cannot tell you, for after we walked into the sacred area all I remember is being pushed from behind and turning to see Rama as I fell into a *supposedly* lions pit.

I woke up lying beneath the great cat statue at the mouth of the cave, confused and in pain. Why would Rama push me? What did it mean? We’ve worked in plenty of dangerous archeologist hunts before without any mishaps. Most importantly why would she try to hurt me, we were lovers. What did it mean? What were we talking about before hand? My body was standing without me knowing how it happened, “strange” I thought. Then I imagined climbing the great Cat Statue to go to the top and look where I was, at the time I didn’t think about how it was night out and that I shouldn’t be able to see. And suddenly I’m there, without moving I’m standing on the top of the Cat’s head looking out across the plans of Kenya, seeing all the creature in the light of the moon…

*BOOM* I fall down the face, to the Cat’s paw. It lifts and pins me under. It growls and I try to cover my ears but I cannot, and all the desires of the gods rush into them as I shake from the sound. Electric City they tell me, go help Electric City, for the mayor is important and needs our help. I am free now, in a sense of the word, but I feel the pull of the city where I had felt nothing before. I pick up my things that had been scattered around where I woke up, and, on all fours, I run.

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