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The house owned by my step-grandparents in Kenya

This summer I visited Kenya with my family! We visited many people and saw many animals, so there are many stories to tell. First we stayed at my step-grandparents house in Nairobi, we got to meet some locals and they taught us a few words of Swahili: Jambo=hello, Cariboo=welcome, Sana=very. The first full day we were there we rode in the back of a jeep siting on the “jump-seats”.

Shangalia’s Theater

We visited Shangalia,

a school that takes in children who have no home or are abandoned on the streets, where they provide shelter and food and education for children from 4/5 to late-teens years.

Zebra in Nakuru

The third day we went to Nakuru

and saw zebra, giraffe, wildebeest, baboons, gazelles and impalas, the scariest one we saw though was a hippo underwater near our campsite.

We went on a safari the fourth day of the trip to  Lake Nakuru National Park, where a some sort of colorful lizard jumped on my sister,

Lizard on my sister at Lake Nakuru National Park

and we saw the old entrance to the park that had been abandoned due to rising water levels.

Abandoned Entrance at Lake Nakuru National Park



My father on a camel in Laikipia

I also happened to get sunstroke that day, which was followed by a week of food poisoning. We then went to Laikipia and stayed there for a few nights. We got to experience fly camping and a walk through the land where we climbed a rock that overlooked a heard of elephants. We also each got to ride camels!


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