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Fairy Tales begin with more than Once Upon a Time…

Week 11

This week was also super busy and video takes a lot of time so all of the assignments I chose could be done in pubic places with headphones in. I have hardly anytime to complete the assignments so I’m sure their quality was very good.  For the video assignments I made a jump compilation, which I thought was pretty amusing, having people jump off structures to “enjoy yourself”. Then I shared my favorite transitions on iMovie. And the last assignment I had trouble with because youtube would not let me post the video due to copyright grounds, so ultimately I had to change the video I was doing. I put a kpop music video to Clair de Lune.

For the daily creates I did the “two sign are better than one” uncorporating the greater than & less than signs with the equal sign.

The second one talked about a memory I had fighting with my little sister when we were young.

The last tweet was a childhood song from my country, I chose Dora the Explore’s theme song as it was one I heard often as a child.

I hope the next week assignments are less time-consuming.

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