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Week 12

I enjoyed this week! Even though I had 3 papers and 1 exam I was able to complete the assignments. I think video is just extremely hard to complete because it takes so many factors, and all the mashup stars I chose this week were visual design/photo tasks. I receive more entertainment from creating designs and pictures because theres more structure, video is more free and I find it more work. I even got commenting in this week!!

Incorporating my character into an image, I used her form as a leopard, I wanted to show her being able to walk around without being noticed in the dark. The background was an image of the dinning hall on UMW’s campus that I took at night.

For her closeup I used a free photo of a worried woman in a hat in the sun, and used my own photo from Kenya to make the background. It was supposed to be Aitana right after she left the statue and was running away and trying to understand why she felt different than before.

For the two other assignments I did design projects, one was mashing up two different logos to make them look as one. I did Pepsi and Coke combined into one soda logo!

The last assignment involved contrasting an emoji and human. I chose my step-mom who welded and used that picture of here from her fb profile and the dark-haired, girl, welder emoji. I was so into this assignment that I also made my tutorial on it!

For the remixes I also chose one photo editing and poster design. I got to photoshop (but really just used Preview app) myself into a different “universe” and for that I made myself sit on the plane of a wing (both photos were mine). An then altered the color to look drastically unpleasant and unrealistic.

The other remix I did was of a lost and found poster. I remixed it to “the opposer” and instead made a flyer for selling the hat/trying to get rid of it instead of find it.

The two daily creates I did were more opinion based than “creative” this week. First the account had simply stated “Sadie Hawkins Day” and I looked up the link they gave, it provided background to the dance I was aware of but never went to growing up. I stated:

The second T.D.C. was captioning a cartoon image, I found this was funny and came up with two captions just because I enjoyed it so much:

My group got the “special assignment” of creating a “This week in ds106” post. Ours was on all the video assignments people made. We weren’t able to get it done until Thursday because communication was such a struggle. But we did finally get to honor the hard work of our fellow classmates!

Overall it was a busy but good week 🙂

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