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Fairy Tales begin with more than Once Upon a Time…

Week 13 (Progress)

Project progress report: partially done!

(Working alone.)

What I started out doing was connecting all the posts I have made that involve my character. I wrote the missing parts of the story in, and put everything in chronological order. Some of the new material I made “takes place” before the older material so connecting the dots was a necessary first step.

The new stuff I’ve made so far includes this beware image. It is supposed to be the poster wall in a pub in the “North Land” (aka Britain)

I plan to make a radio segment that my character hears in the pub which triggers her to go to where Rama is (UMW). I plan to do this Friday or next Tuesday. Lastly, I’ll “interview” students and compile the videos into act clip of them talking about the rumors of Rama and the Shadow Leopard, which leads Aitana to find Rama. I will then create an ending image. I have written a story to go along with everything in my post. I am excited to finish the project!

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