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Fairy Tales begin with more than Once Upon a Time…

Week 14

This project was interesting to make. I didn’t really have an idea on how to combine the different types of storytelling into one so I decided to do multiple different things. Before I started creating the content I had to make all of my previous character posts fit together. Since I didn’t want my final project to be a million pages long, and people might have already seen it, I linked all the previous work, but everything new was embedded.

I remixed a previous design/visual assignment, the logo for my character, in order to incorporate it into her story. I tried to make it look like it was on an old bulletin board in a pub in the “North Land” that was basically the UK (but I wanted to make it sound neater). I took a bunch of images of “old British posters” off google that were “labeled for reuse”. Then I pasted them all into a word doc and gave them a blur effect. I put the fresh new logo of the shadow leopard on top and wrote “beware”. This red text was meant to cause conflicting feelings, as my heroine was a hero but also a murderer.

Then I made another radio segment (DS 106 West = the “American” version). I wanted two people to be having a conversation on a talk show so I wrote out the two parts, recorded each of them separately, then played with the voice editor to make one sound more high pitch (the woman Megan) and one more low pitch (Mike). I also created an “intro” bumper for the talk show. Getting the music background for this was a bit tricky. Aitana heard from the radio that Rama is giving a talk at UMW and that trigger her to leave the UK and chase Rama down in Fredericksburg!

After that I worked multiple days to get all the video footage that I needed to make it seem that my character was “interviewing” or randomly asking students about their run-in with the antagonist. I was inspired by the mean girls intro where everyone talks about what they’ve “heard” about a specific person (or incident in this case). So I tried to explain to the people who helped me it was supposed to be a sassy video. I then made the background music as eery tension because I wanted the audience to feel as if at any second the students could figure out the person asking them the questions was actually the “dangerous Shadow Leopard”.

Aitana then finds Rama waiting for her in a field. For this I worked with multiple photos and clip art to get the silhouettes of two women and paste them into a dusk setting.

I had trouble tying up the end of the story. I did not want the story to done and over with so I left it in frustration. After searching and searching for Rama, Aitana finally finds her and confronts her, only to be left with even more questions than she had before. Rama seems to be another non-human super-power wielding character, but she disappears into thin air. Right as she leaves she calls Aitana Alice. She also has a smile that covers half her face and she spins to disappear. I gave her the role of the Cheshire Cat!!!! There are so many more levels of mystery than Aitana could have imagined and she just entered the world of storytelling: as have I from this course!!

Thank you very much and I hope you enjoyed her story!

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