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Week 2

I enjoyed not running around and not making a million new accounts this week!

The daily creates were by far my favorite, I love the challenge of doing something creative that doesn’t take up too much time as I am a double major and in 8 clubs! The first tweet I did following the ds106 daily create account was to show a toy hero! The second one was a short story of an adventure on a train! This was in response to the ds106 daily create twitter account, however I learned the hard way this did not show up under my “tweets” it showed up as a reply and therefore did not show itself on my domain. SO I did two more to make up for that one. The third daily create was in response to knocking so I obviously had to make a reference to Doctor Who 🙂 The last one I did today was trying to draw small, so I tried to draw a two scene image.

My example of a good video story telling is also what I decided to create for my assignment bank: a second a day videos are, I think, an amazing representation of how much happens in one person’s life throughout a period of time. So I thought why not make it a shorter assignment but have the same plot line! I created the A Day In The Life… assignment and attached a person’s a second a day video as a reference because I thought it was really intriguing.

The three assignments I did were all very interesting too. I enjoyed the photo one more than the others because I got to share my previous work that I was proud of! The drawing game and short story were also enjoyable but the photography was my favorite!

I am excited for next weeks assignments, however I am still getting used to finding everything so hopefully my confusion with that also decreases.


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