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Week 3

There are soooooo many things we did this week! I made seven posts! Thats excluding all the commenting and tweeting! I think this week has been more stressful for me than other weeks will be because I’m in two writing intensive classes already and so when I learned this week was all writing assignments I felt frustrated. Though I had a lot of fun exploring my creative side, trying to make my fear of drowning have a fear of me and creating a character with some help from the super-hero name generator assignment I did, I found the amount  of work to be disheartening. I would have loved spending more time on the stories than writing up random haiku’s in order to complete the “10 star” requirement. On top of that I wish I could have talked more about my trip to Kenya and what I experienced there than writing about the Neil Gaiman book (even though I am a fan, analysis is not my favorite thing). I participated in three daily creates, one with sunglasses I had to edit in, one to remember 9/11, and one involving the gremlins of DS 106 (which honestly feels like the class itself), as well as tweeting about my story to Kenya!

I hope the stories I wrote were interesting and I am excited to use my new character in the coming weeks.

1 thought on “Week 3

  1. Yeah, I was kind of annoyed with the 10-star thing, too. It was more finding ones that weren’t so…annoyingly specific for me, though. I can do character write-ups til I’m blue in the, uhm, fingers, but some of the ones in the bank are so esoteric that I have a hard time getting the creative juices flowing, as it were.
    Thankfully, one of the writing assignment options (a five-star one under fanfic) was able to kill two birds with one stone, for me. Mayhaps trying to find ways to wriggle two objectives closer together might be helpful for you, as well. Another good idea for character write-ups is to kind of mash people you know (either in person or through various media) together into one and mix-and-match until you get something that works.
    Also, I hear ya on the analysis! I got enough of that in my Advanced Literary Analysis class, last semester!

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