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Week 5

I find music one of the best parts about life. I LOVEEE sounds, whether its helping me walk from one side of campus to another or listening to a friend’s voice I enjoy the uniqueness of everything I hear.

Unfortunately I was extremely busy this week and missed all the evening “tweet-along” sessions. I did enjoy working with audacity, though, as I have used it before for making my dance mix.

I had fun with the daily creates:

  1. I got to mention my favorite board game, Betrayal at the House on the Hill,
  2. I learned a little history about myself and the most well-known movie, Titanic, (we both came out the same year!),
  3. I made a play-on-words pun with booking bands –> book banning  
  4. And fought the idea that woman are the “beauty” and men are the “brains” and heterosexual normalizations!

The Moon Graffiti story blew my mind at how powerful just sound can be, it reminded me of the movie Gravity, and how isolating space is, and how brave those men had to be to go up alone.

I find speaking into a microphone awkward and uncomfortable so I changed my voice on the radio bumper. It was placed between two of my current favorite songs, God is a Woman by Ariana Grande and Curious by Haley Kiyoko.

The Audio assignments:

Finally, I thought up some ideas for a future radio show we will partake in, they included childhood stories and myth comparisons (old and new).

The next week I should be more free, but the one after that will be a struggle to participate as well.


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