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Week 6

This week was another busy one for me, though I tried to get ahead of schedule this time and perform most of the assignments on Wednesday and Thursday. Although I love the complete projects of designs I really find the process of putting things together frustration.

Truth be told my logo for my character was not how I originally intended it to be, but I couldn’t move the shadows where I wanted them so I had to change midway through the project. I ended up using The Noun Project website for a decent number of my projects: including the Logo, the TV Show poster (for Friends), and One Story/Four Icons design (which was where I was first introduced to the noun project was originally introduced). The last assignment I found hard to connect with my character: painting the UMW rock. I tried to image what a student would feel towards the super “hero” that Shadow Leopard is. I decided to make it eery in the spirit of halloween!

The DesignBlitz was interesting, it reminded me of the “PhotoBlitz” we did in Week 4. In fact I thought they were almost identical, just with different words used to describe the images.

The daily create twitter account stopped posting for a couple days and, as that is how I figure out TDC, I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to finish. But then I realized its posted in other areas and the account started tweeting again! The first daily create I did was explaining what Bat Boy had been up to! (Hanging with his dad: Bat Man of course!)

Then I replaced Marshmallow Man with Indiana Jones, how is known to also wreck havoc on people.

The third TDC I tweeted about to something related to “Drunkin”:

Next week will be super hectic, because I have an application due, a dance performance, a proposal due, so we’ll see how much I can get done!

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