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Week 7

This week was interesting because I got to work with people! I realized at the beginning of the week our schedules would not match up (because I never have time on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday to do ds 106 work and the other people seemed busier later in the week). Thankfully we all were communicated about it though!

For the radio show I did one of my assignments, the radio commercial, with the intent of it being used for a commercial break on our show! I came up with something that had no logical rooting, clothing that gives you powers (Idk how that would work in real life). I uploaded this, the radio logo I made (it’s blue yay!), and my 5 minute radio segment to our shared google-docs page. In my progress update I mentioned that I have already finished what auditory tasks I needed to get done.

The two other audio assignments I made were my version of an auditory hell, in which I had to put all the sounds I hated into one QUICK clip of disaster, and call me, beep me. The latter was about the show Friends, one that most people in America are familiar with.

The first daily create was pun day! They asked for opposite puns (I LOVEEEE puns) so I took my favorite from the inter-web and added it in!

The second was more serious. It had to deal with “truth” in advertising. I know how lighthearted most commercials are that want you to buy things, so the contrast with the gruesome cigarette packs was quite drastic.

The last one was slightly more comedic, with the gif, but what it was about is an important matter. The prompt started off with “This I believe…” and they left it open for anything. So I said “being human is hard” and told people to give themselves around of applause. I wanted people to take a second out of their day to really feel like they were succeeding at something that is difficult.


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