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Week 8

This week had a very different structure to it. It mostly involved communication with team members and constantly checking back to see if something went awry or was incomplete. We finally completed our Radio Show by Wednesday!

Because there were no assignments this week, Fall Break was very relaxed for me & I felt that I had more time to comment on other people’s previous work!

I did two daily creates. One was about my robot friend (who looked super cute) that helps me navigate, this is because the “robot” was actually my car phone holder, it holds my phone at eye level when I need to use a GPS.

The second one was not as direct. The picture the ds106 TDC account posted was of people during Would War I wearing some sort of hat. It reminded me of an episode from Doctor Who that took place during the Second World War, called The Empty Child. The line “are you my mummy?” was used to strike fear of the unknown into the watchers, and the mask had bug eyes to create a lack of humanity, which was also included in the hat/masks shown in the TDC’s original tweet.


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