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Week 9

This has been one HECTIC week for me, not only academically but socially as well. I did not have a lot of time to dedicate to this course.

I enjoyed listening to sound effect variations when I tuned into the ds106 radio for the Myths, Legends, and Character Conversation’s Radio Show. I thought the segments differed greatly and there were two I truly took interest in and was excited to while listening!

When I tried the x-ray goggles assignment I got very excited that I was “exposing” UMW as an evil sorcery school, however I was extremely disappointed that all the work I put in could not be punished! Every time I hit “sign in” I was sent to another tab that closed .5 seconds after it opened. I found that frustrating, but I screen shot the website and posted about what I had intended to create.

One of the assignments had me use five gifs to explain a story (and have people guess it!) See if you can figure it out!

I then had to create a “finstagram” and introduce an alternate version of myself on it. I’ve wanted to live in Spain, so my character is based there, while also being the complete opposite of my and a bartender & partier!

For the last assignment I performed superimposition, copying a previous ds106 post! I superimposed a leopard (my hero specifically) onto the eye of a scared human eye! It was what they saw before she ended it all…

My story with the daily creates:

Jack was just chilling on Halloween night, trick-or-treating and minding his own business. He ended up eating TOO MUCH CANDY and turned into JackO-MG!

His parents, Oxygen and Magnesium, were surprised but knew he was going to learn his lesson!

However, in our day in era everyone is “wearing a costume” everyday, so jack fit in with everyone else and never learned to not eat candy. He stay as a Jack-O-MG for eternity.

That was the spooky story for the week before halloween!

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